Aerospace and Defense Systems


  • Logistics (freight transportation).

  • Infrastructure (manufacture of safe/panic rooms).

  • Aircraft (maintenance, modification, sales, R&D).

  • Ground Vehicles (maintenance, modification, sales, R&D).

  • Naval Systems (manufacture, maintenance, modification, sales, R&D).

  • Tactical Equipment (manufacture, maintenance, modification, sales, R&D).

  • Unmanned Systems i.e. (drones, missiles and robots) and Sensors (manufacture, maintenance, modification, sales, R&D).

  • Advance Materials (mining and processing of minerals into finished and semi-finished goods; production and sales of synthetic materials).

Efficient Research Dynamic Ltd is comprised of a group of engineering experts who focus on creative solutions for complex engineering projects. Since 2012, we’ve accomplished much success with various projects. We strive for innovation and work carefully in order to stay within budget while providing maximum value for our clients.

Threats have become increasingly asymmetrical, both in their form and occurrence. For nations across the world, this challenging environment is increasing the need for versatile aerospace and defense technology that can support their efforts in efficiently building security, supporting economic growth, and providing stability to their citizens, core industries and institutions.

Ongoing security challenges in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, for example, highlight a growing need for state-of-the-art systems that can perform multiple mission-types with greater reliability and technological efficiency in challenging environments.

Where others fail we excel.